Data Management

Quickly becoming the key to today's most successful farming operations, good data is rocketing up the list of invaluable tools for smart farmers. We offer a broad range of carefully curated high-tech options to suit operations of all sizes.


Cloud-based and convenient, AgFiniti delivers the power to access farm data on the go, for decisions any place, any time, whenever they're needed.



The next evolution in data platforms, FieldView captures and stores high-resolution mapsppl_logo_main and data in a user-friendly, iPad-based format.



Easy to use yet smart enough for the most advanced precision farming operation, SMS provides data management solutions for all seasons, from planting and harvesting to application and soil stewardship.


AFS Connect

AFS Connect™ advanced farm management system from Case IH gives you total control over your data. It provides you real-time dashboard access to your equipment on any device. So you have instant access to location, diagnostics, fuel and engine stats — just like you would see it in the field. Plus, the power to decide who can see or can’t see your data.