Harvest Solutions

Get more from your crop than ever before with Jenner Ag’s field-tested array of precision Ag technologies.

Yield Monitoring

Harvest doesn’t stop for anything, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have precision monitoring on the go. We’ve chosen yield monitoring solutions from Precision PlantingAg Leader, and Raven for their ability to provide critical, accurate data including:
•    Yields as you harvest
•    Real-time yield and moisture comparisons
•    Moisture maps for instant feedback
•    Overlays of planting & harvest maps

Residue Management

From 360 Yield Center comes Chainroll, a revolutionary new tool for good residue management. 360 Chainroll crimps and chops stalks in a unique way. Because sections are left connected like chain links, residue is more available for microbial breakdown. So producers get faster decomposition and better yield potential.

Header Control & Feelers

Protect your header with the industry’s most accurate, high-performing height control systems. Headsight delivers header control and feelers that are accurate, reliable and easy to use.
•    Advanced diagnostics and header control
•    Improved header control near the ground
•    Integrated height & tilt control

Head Carriers

Kory head carriers are built tough to take your headers anywhere you need to go. Choose from standard and high speed transport options, in colors to match any OEM.