Jenner Ag Financing

We understand that everyone has different financing needs. Cash, rent, loan, or lease - these are your options when you buy a new piece of equipment. Since your needs change the right option today may not be the right option next year.

Contact Clint Hohenstein to discuss your financing options at 1-800-637-1692 Ext. 217

Financing Resources

If you would like to set up a revolving account with Jenner Ag please fill out all documents within the New Customer Account Packet below. Each document will need to be signed and can be faxed to: 217-963-2341.

New Customer Account Packet

New Customer Account Packet - Click here

CASE Credit

To apply for your CNH Revolving Account fill out the application below and fax to: 217-963-2341.

CNH Capital Commercial Revolving Account Application - Click here