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Jenner University... The head start your team needs this season!

Over the years Jenner Ag has put a strong emphasis on product training for our customers. We have offered many different courses ranging from Spray Tip Selection to Rebuilding a GDI Pump for liquid applicators. We have held courses on Machine Maintenance to hands-on training for the Raven Viper System. Jenner University allows new operators the means to familiarize themselves with a specific control system or piece of equipment, while challenging the veteran operators in the areas of efficiency and maintenance.

Jenner University has evolved over the years, offering courses throughout the year with location in both Illinois and Indiana. Over 1,000 custom applicators/ end users will attend a Jenner University course this year. This year, Jenner University will be available at multiple sites throughout Illinois and Indiana. We have a limited numbers of seats available for these courses to ensure we can provide the highest quality training possible. This also ensures attendees have the opportunity to have specific questions handled by the Jenner Ag Team and or a Specific Product Representative. Reserve your seat with our online registration for these Jenner University courses at

What can you expect from a Jenner University Course?

  • Training is conducted by the Jenner Ag Team. This training is not treated as a sales pitch. We respect the time you are giving us. Time spent in training greatly reduces your down time.
  • The Team Conducting the Training are experts in the specific area. With many years of field experience supporting the product they can bring many real scenarios to get your mind thinking about your operation.
  • Hands-on training is used when available. When we can put a component in front of you, we know you will remember it much better and retain the specific information. For example the Raven Viper Training is conducted using the Viper from your specific machine. This allows the new operator to push buttons and become familiar with setup prior to hitting the field for the first time.
  • We will bring in specific equipment when appropriate to aid in the training. Specifically in the areas of machine maintenance and proper machine setup, such as a Nitrogen Applicator, and New Leader Applicators.
  • Receive the latest software updates. Learn about the latest advancements and techniques to improve your field efficiency. You will get the answers to your questions! Interact with other end users! Grow your knowledge and confidence! Be prepared for the upcoming season.

If you are looking for specific training, not offered in your area, let us bring Jenner University to you. We will customize the courses to cover the products and material your team will most benefit from.

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