Raven Viper/Viper Pro Course


This course will provide a thorough understanding of Raven Viper/Viper Pro Application Control System. This course is led by Jenner Ag Tech Support and Training Department. The Raven Viper /Viper Pro Course including both Class room structure with hands-on instructor led labs.


Provide both end users knowledge of the Raven Viper/Viper Pro Application Control System. Improve the user efficiency of the Viper Control system.

Topics Covered Include:
  • Control System Components
    • How Components connect to CAN
  • Operations of the Raven Viper/Viper Pro System
    • Display Fundamentals
    • Calibration Numbers
    • Machine Setups
  • Proper Field Setup
    • Understanding proper Calibrations
    • Review of In Field Scenarios
    • Setup Variable Rate Jobs
    • Using the Accu Boom Features with Liquid
  • Troubleshooting Raven Viper/ Viper Pro
    • Troubleshooting Components
    • Troubleshooting CAN Communication
  • File Maintenance
    • Transfer of VRA files
    • Managing files on the Viper
    • Managing files in the office