Case IH Precision Air 2280 (PRIOR MODEL) / NOT AVAILABLE

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New! Deluxe Auger


The new deluxe auger features a wireless remote control for intuitive auger positioning that provides a more natural placement  and is is able to reach all four openings without moving the hopper. The deluxe auger provides easy loading/unloading for zero product loss.



Precision Air® carts use Case IH patented downdraft meter technology to divide product into equal sections — one for each primary line. Air and product are mixed in a parallel flow for smooth transition from meter box to distribution system. Constant density and supply of product to the meter roller is achieved by an agitator bar.

The system is power efficient and easily adapts to various crops and large air seeding tools

Single-Pass Efficiency

  • Multiple tanks allow you to apply seed, fertilizer or granular products in a single pass
    • Precision Air 2230 features two steel tanks
    • Precision Air 2280 and 2330 feature two molded poly tanks
    • Precison Air 3380 and 3430 feature three molded poly tanks
  • Place products mixed together or separate in a single- or double-shoot distribution

    • Double-shoot places product in two different locations, such as putting fertilizer below and to the side of the seed row

Product Flow Controls

  • Easy flow headers deliver unbeatable product flow and gentle seed handling from primary to secondary lines – making clean out and servicing easy, too
  • Each meter has an air valve control for accurate product delivery
  • In-cab control of air flow velocity and optical flow of product through the system is optional

Product Metering


Get accurate and efficient metering of a wide variety of products, thanks to four meter roll options.

Product can range in size from the smallest forage seeds to the largest bean, plus a wide variety of fertilizer applications.

Meter Roller Options

  • Extra-fine rollers handle micronutrients or very small seeds, such as alfalfa, grass, canola or grain sorghum, at very low rates
  • Fine rollers are used for wheat, barley, oats, flax, millet and moderate rates of fertilizer
  • Coarse rollers can handle high rates of larger seeds, such as corn and beans, even for solid seeding
  • Extra-coarse rollers are used for very large and fragile seeds, like peas and large beans, as well as high rates of fertilizer

Drive Systems

  • Mechanical ground-drive is easily controlled from the cab using an electric clutch
  • Variable-rate electric drive with hydraulic assist is controlled from the cab using the AFS® Pro 600 or AFS 200 display
    • Precise metering and on-the-go rate adjustment is accomplished with independent drives for each meter



Both the Case IH AFS® Pro 700 and AFS 200 monitors allow you to control all Precision Air® system functions in the cab. For high-end interface with Case IH AFS AccuGuide™ autoguidance, use the Pro 700. Both monitors will display all functions of the air cart and seeding/fertilizer applications.

Two Monitor Options

  • AFS Pro 700 premium display features a 10.4-in. (26-cm) color touchscreen that interfaces with all Precision Air functions, plus AFS AccuGuide™ autoguidance
  • AFS 200 features a 7-in. (18-cm) color monitor that is ISO 11783 compatible, which controls all Precision Air functions
  • Both monitors will display bin levels, fan speed, ground speed, individual meter roller speed, application rate, air velocity, accrued area (by tank, field, season, lifetime) and product/acres remaining



It’s easy to handle seed with a large-capacity Precision Air® 8- or 10-in. (20- or 25-cm) cart auger. Auger swings out to convey seed or fertilizer into the tanks or swings underneath to empty.

Auger Loading, Unloading

  • 10-in. (25-cm) auger with low-restriction steel-cupped flighting tubes maximizes fill rates
    • (Precision Air 2230 features an 8-in./20-cm auger and is equipped with either steel-cupped or optional PVC flighting for gentle seed handling of sensitive crops)
  • Easily adjust and control precise auger flighting speed with a rotary hydraulic valve

Cart Construction


A rugged chassis and short, maneuverable length combined with a wide stance gives Precision Air® carts good flotation and stability. The air cart can be towed directly between your tractor and drill or behind your drill for better visibility. Precision Air carts lead the industry in ladder convenience and safe platform design. They also feature large tank hatches for easy cleaning, and hatches are easily opened and sealed. Quick connects allow for fast and easy hookup to seeding and banding tools.


  • Apply seed, fertilizer or granular products in a single pass, thanks to Precision Air cart options:

    • Precision Air 2230 features a two-compartment steel tank with a 60/40 split for single- or double-shoot applications
    • Precision Air 2280 and 2330 feature two rotational molded polyethylene tanks with a 57/43 split
    • Precision Air 3380 and 3430 have three integrated polyethylene tanks that can carry separate products for single- or double-shoot applications
  • Tanks fill and clean out fast and transport easily

Tow behind or between:

  • The two tanks can be towed directly behind your tractor and in front of your drill (tow-between), which is advantageous because the drill is the last implement over the field.
  • Or, place your air cart behind the drill (tow-behind) for an even better view of the seeding operation

Flotation, Stability

  • Float with stability across any terrain due to a 120-in. (305-cm)-wide stance and a selection of tire options
  • Optional dual-walking front casters are available with “all-weather” lug or a low “tractor-style” lug
  • Rear tire options include single R3 “all-weather” lug, single R1 low “tractor-style” lug or dual R1 “tractor-style” lug


Make Case IH
Model Precision Air 2280
Number of Tanks/Compartments 2
Position, Between, Behind or Integral Tank on Air Drill Behind or between
Total Capacity, bu (L) 287 (10113)
First Tank, bu (L) 169 (5955)
Second Tank, bu (L) 118 (4158)
Third Tank, bu (L) No third tank
Fourth Tank, bu (L) No fourth tank
Optional Add-on Tank, bu (L) No option
Tank material, Steel or Poly Polyethylene
Metering System  
Meter Description Fluted roller, four options
Meter Drive, Standard Mechanical, adjustable
Meter Drive, Optional Var - Electro-Hydraulic
Fan Description Dual std / Single opt
Fan Drive Hydraulic
Fill Auger  
Fill Auger Diameter, in (mm) 10 (254)
Optional Fill Auger/Conveyor Diameter or width, in (mm) No option
Front Tire Size 22.5L x 16.1, R3
Rear Single Tire Size 30.5L x 32, R3
Rear Dual Tire Size 18.4 x 38, R1
Dimensions and Weights, Maximum  
Width, Single Tires, ft-in (m) 12' 6" (3.81)
Width, Dual Tires, ft-in (m) 16' 8" (5.08)
Height to Hand Rails, ft-in (m) 14' 11" (4.55)
Overall Length, ft-in (m) 26' 4" (8.0)
Weight, Empty, lb (kg) 10,013 (4546)
Monitors and Sensors  
Standard Monitor ISO 11783 Compliant
Optional Monitor AFS Pro 700
Tank Level Sensors Optional
Blockage Sensors Optional
Sales Literature  
Literature Number CIH3200606
Literature Date 03/01/2006
Operators or Product Manual  
Manual Number PL-3036-09
Manual Date 01/01/2009
Manufacturing status Current
First Entry Date 2008
Revision Date 08/01/2011