Precision Planting

Have Accurate Farming Results With Out Precision Planting Tools

We offer you tools for more control of managing your farm and crops. With a variety of tools to choose from, we make sure you have what you need with our current list. Precision seed placement, tools to increase your speed and ensure accuracy, Yield potential, and more.

  • pp yieldsense cover


    Harvesting / Planting

    You can capture and analyze your field’s performance by management zones. Then plan for next season with your harvest data integrated with your planting solution.

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  • pp vset cover


    Superior singulation + multi-hybrid planting potential.

    You aim to maximize yield by planting the hybrid that will do the best, on average, across the whole field. But yield environments often change in the same field, calling for different hybrids in different areas. You've had to make compromises, but not anymore.

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  • pp vdrive cover


    A custom planter on each row

    With its row-by-row control, you’ll get precisely planted headlands, high-definition population reporting, and even the ability to plant male and female seed corn plants in the same pass.

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  • pp speedtube cover


    Plant 2X faster

    SpeedTube allows you to increase your speed and ensure spacing accuracy, while maximizing your planting window. Designed with performance, durability, and ease-of-use as the core objectives

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  • pp deltaforce cover


    Individual row control for an average 11 BPA advantage

    DeltaForce replaces the springs or air bags on your planter with hydraulic cylinders. It automatically increases or reduces weight with military precision, on each row individually.

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  • pp vdrive insect cover

    vDrive Insecticide

    Normal insecticide meters are chain driven and accurate at a single speed. In the past, if you wanted to use an electric drive for your seed meter and apply granular insecticide, you would have had to leave the chains. Not anymore.

    vDrive Insecticide is the electric motor-driven insecticide meter that provides accurate delivery across your entire speed range. Row by row control for your insecticide delivery is now within reach.

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