Jenner Nation Hildenbrand

Precision technology evolves and changes faster than any other part of agriculture, and Andrei Hildenbrand, a Service Precision Support Specialist, is constantly looking for ways he can stay up to date and better serve his customers. Andrei has been working out of our Jenner Precision location for the past six years, and in that time, he has focused on finding new ways to stay current on technology and expand his knowledge of agriculture.

“Working at Jenner Precision has allowed me to gain knowledge on these products, more than just how they run. I have come to learn the agronomy behind what these machines accomplish,” says Andrei. “Growing up, I was fascinated by equipment and have always understood the mechanics behind how something runs, but Jenner Precision has allowed me to learn how certain products and equipment better serve a customer.”. He installs precision agriculture technology on planters and combines, handles steer systems on equipment and has a diverse knowledge of all precision vendors.

“I work with a variety of vendors from Precision Planting, Ag Leader and more,” says Andrei. Working with a variety of technology means you need to be on top of your game and in the know of the latest and greatest products. “I attend training yearly and try to go to as many trainings as I can to stay up to date. On my own time I read up to try to find out about what new products will be released in the coming year,” says Andrei. “I also learn new stuff every day just in what I do and being in the field and talking with growers.”

Andrei says his job is about more than just keeping current on his training and the newest technology  – it’s also making sure he’s using that technology to meet his customers’ exact needs. “My favorite part of my job is having those conversations with customers to feel out their needs. If I know what their needs are, I can really pinpoint how we can exceed those needs,” says Andrei. “I observe my customers’ equipment and try to work out in my head what products we can provide them with that will help them maximize their profits and efficiency in the field.”

Andrei wants to exceed his customers’ expectations daily, and by doing that, he creates better relationships with them. He feels he is more than just an associate of Jenner Precision, and they are more than just customers. “I fully enjoy what I do, and that shows through my interactions with customers and my job performance.