Jenner Nation Thomas

Ben Thomas is a Jenner Nation member who has been a strong influence around the Service team for 10 years. Currently the Application Shop Foreman, he has filled a variety of roles and knows Service inside and out. Ben is known for being a hard worker and always making sure the job gets done. He goes to work every day with the goal of making the shop more efficient and productive, and he does whatever he can to make sure he meets that goal.

“In a typical day, I work on a wide range of tasks. I’ll assign work orders, go through recent sales orders; I even pull parts when I need to—anything and everything Jenner Ag needs from me to get the job done, I do,” says Ben. “I mostly work on the technical side of things. If someone can’t figure out what the issue is with a particular machine, I will take a look and run diagnostics.”

One of his main goals is making sure machines get finished for customers by the projected date. “I will work with the guys in the shop on how to find better and more effective ways to get stuff done, making us all more efficient as a whole,” he says. “The satisfaction I get from helping out a fellow employee or finding a solution to whatever is causing a machine to be down is rewarding.”

Ben says part of why he has been doing this for so long is that he enjoys what he does day to day. Every day is different. For example, even though it’s not technically in his job description, he goes out in the field when needed. “With planting season in full swing, if a machine breaks down in the field, and the guys can’t get to it as fast as we would like, I help out when I can,” he says. “I’ve been out in the field three or four times this year just helping our techs when I can.

“At Jenner Ag we all work together as one; it’s not just a saying, we really mean it. There’s no one saying, ‘That’s not in my job description.’ Everybody steps in when help is needed,” he explains. “We always go above and beyond to make sure our customers are up and running when they need to be.”