Jenner Nation Kaufman

Our Shipping Department makes life a little easier for everyone around Jenner Ag – and gives Jenner Nation customers the confidence of knowing they’ll have the right parts at the right time. That’s courtesy of Bill Kaufman, Shipping Manager, who has been here since the day Shipping became a department.

“They didn’t have a Shipping Department before I started; the day I started was basically the day it became a department,” says Bill. “Before I was here, each of the Parts people would pull their own orders off the shelf and ship parts out themselves. I like to think the Shipping Department makes life a little easier around Jenner Ag.”

Bill manages general shipping duties such as packing and pulling customer orders, organizing parts and finding new homes on shelves for new parts – it’s as much about inventory as it is about accuracy. “A big part of my job is making locations in our warehouse for parts that don’t have a designated spot,” he says. “With the creation of new machines comes new parts for those machines. We get parts that we’ve never had before, that don’t have a home on our shelves.”

Organizing new inventory and getting it into its designated home isn’t always an easy process, but it’s something Bill enjoys. “It’s a fun challenge I take on to make things easier for whoever goes to pull those parts for a customer’s order,” he says. Another large part of the job for Bill is returning parts. “I work on finding parts to return to Case or credit to inventory and reduce interest at the bank. Most of them come back from service techs; they come back into inventory because they aren’t using them. It’s amazing how many of those parts we don’t sell regularly – so in other words we don’t have a spot for it. So, I have to decide if we keep it or return it,” says Bill.

He acknowledges that being in the same department for 19 years and never being bored might make him an anomaly. “I have always loved my job,” says Bill. “I am one of the weird ones I guess. Jenner Ag keeps me busy; I like the variety of the shipping department. Every order is different, which is great, because I don’t think I could handle the repetition. I create lists for myself when I have extra time so I know what I can be working on to always be productive.”

Bill feels like being part of the Shipping Department for so many years has allowed him to gain an abundance of knowledge that he now gets to share. “I love to share my experiences with new people, not just those newcomers in my own department but throughout parts and service as well,” he says. “At the end of the day, I chalk all of our department’s success up to teamwork. Shipping isn’t the type of job where one person can do everything; it’s a team event, and I like being part of that team.