Jenner Nation Molohon

Carrie Molohon is a bit of a Jill of all trades around Jenner Ag. While her current job title is Service & Warranty Coordinator, she has worked with and in several departments in her four years with the company – and she continues to do so today.

Carrie started out in accounts receivable and from there moved to whole good billing and then to service warranty, as well as moving from our Harristown to our Taylorville location. That’s a lot to accomplish in just four years! “The thing I love about my current position is I have almost come full circle; I do a little bit of all the jobs I have worked in up to this point,” says Carrie. “I don’t think there are too many companies out there that will let employees move around within the company as much as I have gotten to in my time here.

She believes that movement has allowed her to gain knowledge in many different aspects of the company. “Working with multiple departments such as service, parts and accounting gives me a better understanding of the overall picture,” she says. “Not to mention I’m never bored.”

With an extensive workload and managing time working with many different departments, it would be easy to get overwhelmed. Carrie manages it all in stride and continues to keep everything running smoothly. She attributes her love of the job to the little things she hears on a daily basis. “I have worked with companies before where you work and work and never feel acknowledged. For me it’s that ‘thank you’ or ‘you’re doing a great job’ that you hear at Jenner Ag that makes the world of difference in how I perform every day,” she says. “I truly feel appreciated and important.”

At the end of the day, Carrie says coming to work isn’t a hardship when you feel not only acknowledged for your time but appreciated for who you are as a teammate. “The culture here makes us all feel like friends, a team – we truly work together as one."