Jenner Nation Hohenstein

Going from the Accounting Department to Location Manager of the Jenner Ag Agriculture Division is quite a story, and one Clint Hohenstein is proud to tell. Clint got his start in our Accounting Department 18 years ago and in that time has held multiple positions. He has been the Auditor of Internal Policies, CFO, VP of Finance and more. His newest role is managing the Taylorville store.

“Some people might ask how I got to be on the path I’m following today and what qualifies me to be a store manager. The truth is, I have always put a lot of faith into the management team at Jenner Ag. They have always done myself and my family well, and I have never been put into a role that I didn’t feel was the best move for me,” says Clint.

He says working at a company that promotes from within has allowed him to change positions, take on new responsibilities and always feel confident to take on those new roles. “Each day of work for the past two decades has allowed me to hone my skillset to successfully be the liaison between the parts, service and sales teams and what the needs of our Taylorville store are,” he explains.

Clint knows the ag industry the store serves because he’s always been part of it, having grown up driving nurse trucks for his dad, a fertilizer plant manager, and even after he graduated Illinois State University with an accounting degree up to now, working as a hired man running auger carts, driving trucks and doing tillage for farmers across central Illinois.

Likewise, he knows about the community this store is serving because he’s been part of it. “I went to high school here in Taylorville. From the moment Jenner Ag acquired this location six years ago, I have had a deep desire for it to be successful,” he says. “I wanted to be able to step up and do whatever I can do to help make this the next big thing for the company and the Taylorville community.”

Part of how he plans to make that goal a reality is through the Jenner Ag management style and its key principal – communication. “I want our people to know that they’re making a difference every single day. One thing I try to make sure I do as part of that is to connect with team members daily,” says Clint. “Sometimes it’s as simple as a ‘How’s it going’ or ‘Is there anything I could be doing to help you?’ I just try to keep that constant line of communication open.” It’s easy for an associate to think nobody notices the work they put in. He wants each team member to know he spends a lot of time noticing and making sure those efforts are appreciated.

At the end of the day, Clint believes that growing up in the agriculture field has given him a sense of what it means to work with customers and be a part of that community. And that helps him do his job day to day. “What I love about this field is being surrounded by good, honest, hardworking people,” he says. “It’s an industry where people do what they say they are going to do, and they appreciate companies that do that same thing for them. That’s one of the things Jenner Ag does very well: We try to always keep our word.”