Jenner Nation Dalenberg

Darren Dalenberg is a face that’s been around Jenner Ag for years – 20 to be exact. While he’s currently Parts Director, he’s also worked as a field service tech, Service Director, VP of Operations for Jenner Precision and General Manager at our Ag store. It gives him the unique ability to view opportunities from the inside out in each of our three industry categories.

Darren says the knowledge helps him help team members really understand all aspects of what they’re doing on a daily basis. “I really enjoy seeing people grow, and I’m grateful I get to be a part of that growth,” he says. “I try to provide the team a better understanding of the back side of what they’re doing day to day on the front side of the business with the customer.”

In his current role, Darren helps the team make sure if a customer needs a part, we get them a part. He says that means thriving on finding solutions to seemingly unsolvable challenges. “Ask yourself, ‘How do we get a part that doesn’t exist?” he explains. “How can our team think outside the box and solve this? We don’t take shortcuts just to get the job done.”

To Darren, relationships get the job done no matter what – that’s what the Jenner Nation is about. “It’s those partnerships that have been built over a number of years with associates, customers and vendors, and it’s that drive to answer a phone call at 6 am or 9 pm for any one of those individuals just because they need your help with those challenges,” he says. “We’ve built the mindset that we want to be there for our partners, and we will strive to exceed in the other person’s eyes.”