Jenner Nation Schmidt

Most companies can’t claim 30 years of experience themselves, but Jenner Ag has a single employee with 30 years! Dave Schmidt, U-Maxx Service Technician, has been a crucial part of our service force for the past three decades. “Nowadays, they say the average amount of time someone works at a company is three to four years. I pride myself on being a part of the Jenner Ag team for three decades. I have seen how the company changes and adapts with the times to keep up with the needs of their customers,” he says.

Customer service is key, and no one knows that better than Dave. “The lesson that stands out the most from my 30 years at Jenner Ag is when a customer has an issue, the quicker you can address and resolve that issue, the better the business. I always tell people, don’t put things off, especially when it involves a customer. Bigger companies have a hard time addressing those issues fast; the team at Jenner Ag works to resolve issues as fast as we can for a better customer experience.”

Dave says being at one company so long allows him to learn the ins and out of not only the company but the industry as a whole. “My favorite part of my job is also what has taught me the most: running our machines and putting myself in the shoes of the operators,” he explains. “As a U-Maxx Tech, you are tasked with working on the machines, but you seldom get to go out and just enjoy using the machines for what they were built for. [Making a point to use] the equipment allows me to know what an operator does daily and helps me connect with that side of the business.

He believes you need to not only understand your customers but also your fellow associates. “It is good to know how a different department within the company is doing. Then you can understand better why a department is making the decisions that they are,” Dave says. “It helps you relate to other associates in different areas of the company and in turn gives you more knowledge about your own job.

Fully understanding both your customer base and the other members of your own team allows you to do your job to the best of your ability. “If you know what challenges your team is facing, it better prepares you to deal with anything that comes your way,” he says. “All of us at Jenner Ag are a team, but we are also more than that; we are a family. Jenner Nation means my business family to me; it’s that simple.”