Jenner Nation James FehrJames Fehr, VP of National Accounts, has been a proud member of the Jenner Nation for 21 years. He has held various positions within the company and continues to work toward a better future for the organization, its customers and the industry. James says he is proof of one of the greatest aspects of Jenner Ag. “The opportunities to grow at Jenner Ag are endless; I am a perfect example of that,” says James. “I started as an account manager associate, then became a senior account manager. From there, I went on to be a sales director and general manager. Now, I have the ability to get back into sales, managing relationships with our national accounts.”

James believes that Jenner Ag offers associates the room for growth if they are willing to put in the commitment and work it takes to achieve their goals. “We are big enough that we have those opportunities for advancement, but we are small enough you can communicate your desire to change positions, and we are always looking to grow within," said James.

“One of the most rewarding mantras I have taken away from my time at Jenner Ag was in the form of a saying I was taught: The ball never hits the ground,” James says. "What that means is that when we have a situation, there are always multiple people that step up, so that the ball never hits the ground.

“That is something I have personally experienced, whether it be when I had a situation that I couldn’t solve on my own and someone from our team helped me, or when I was able to step up and work with someone else to help them,” he explains. “The relationships we have with our customers are all possible due to the extraordinary team we have at Jenner Ag and the team members working behind the scenes to meet their exact needs.”