Jenner Nation Jeff RockeFor Jeff Rocke, education – inside and in the field – sets Jenner Ag apart from the rest. “When I started, I knew nothing,” says Jeff Rocke Senior Account Manager. “There was always somebody at Jenner Ag who had the answer and was willing to help me – there still is. That’s what makes Jenner Ag such a successful company; they create an environment where their employees are a family by encouraging them to work together and meet goals as a team.”

Jeff says the culture is like no other, and keeping promises to customers is non-negotiable. “One of the things I have taken away from Jenner Ag culture is ‘Be your word,’” he says. “Our CEO has said that; my superiors have said that, time and time again. It’s what we strive for.”

And being able to keep your word to customers isn’t a one-person job, says Jeff. “When I’m the only person from Jenner Ag that customers see out in the field, they expect those promises I made them to be kept,” he says. “Having people around me that help me to be my word and other employees that are their word makes it easier to do a quality job and keep those promises.”

It’s not just a sale, he says, it’s the start of a relationship. “We do a good job of building relationships with customers. I can sell anybody a machine one time, but if everybody in the company doesn’t take care of that customer from Sales to Parts, Service, Accounting and Administration, and we don’t value their relationship with us, I won’t ever sell them another machine,” Jeff says. “It’s the customer satisfaction that allows us to know it’s not just selling this machine; it’s when 10 years down the road they need another machine, they look to us versus competitors because we valued their relationship.”

Maintaining relationships with customers is possible in large part because of the transparency Jenner Ag offers, Jeff explains. “We always know where the company is at financially; we always know the goals we are striving to hit,” he says. “The transparency is something I don’t think you find anywhere else. You don’t have a clue what the company is up to at a lot of places; previous employers that I had don’t set goals for what you need to hit at the end of each quarter or year. Once you understand the culture and why we do things the way we do, it’s the greatest learning experience. You’ll never find another company that matches what we do.”