Jenner Nation Jessica ArmentroutParts Director Jessica Armentrout has not only worked for Jenner Ag for a decade, she’s become a key component of the culture. Jessica is a part of the Jenner Ag Team, who through hard work and determination has made her way from Application parts specialist to leading the Ag Group’s parts department and has continued to strive to make Jenner Ag one of those extraordinary places to work. “Not many people can say that they wake up and have a place that makes them want to go into to work,” says Jessica. “Everybody at Jenner Ag is like a family, all working towards a common goal.”

She says one of the practices that makes Jenner Ag the company it has become is playing The Great Game of Business, an employee empowerment program and business driver. “We are taught to think and act like an owner. You can choose to go work and just do your job and perform while constantly going to the boss and asking for specific answers, or you can allow this game to teach you to think on your own and be a person to make decisions and understand why that decision is important. You learn how you can affect that bottom dollar each day,” Jessica says.

This practice helps each member of the company understand what is happening and how they can make an impact going forward. The Great Game of Business keeps employees well informed on the ins and outs of the company. “We all know day to day what we need to be focusing on, and that keeps everyone aligned on the same page. Jenner Ag keeps you in the loop, and this helps the employees stay interested in the company’s goals,” says Jessica.

Jessica says that after her years spent with Jenner Ag, the best advice she could give a new team member would be get involved and make yourself a part of the family. It will help you in your day-to-day activities. She believes Jenner Ag striving for each member of the team to be able to participate in various aspects of the company is what makes them a top contender in the agriculture world. “Jenner Ag isn’t like most normal companies; they choose not to keep you in the dark about what is happening,” Jessica says . “They want you to be aware, so you can make a difference.”