Jenner Nation Joel HarmonJoel Harmon says being a Field Service Technician at Jenner Ag isn’t like your average job – and he should know; he’s been doing it for 14 years. “I can be 200 miles from the main office on a normal day. Being that far away from management puts a lot of responsibility on the individual, which has helped me grow as my own person,” says Joel. “I am responsible for managing my time, truck, and the relationships I have with not only my customers, but my fellow coworkers. Being a self-motivated individual, this type of atmosphere is perfect for me.”

Joel’s favorite part of working at Jenner Ag is the trust given to its associates, and the service technicians in particular. “We don’t do the typical the service manager to service technician protocol here. Each technician deals directly with their customers instead of our managers being involved in every interaction,” he says. “This creates an environment where technicians can build a better level of trust with customers and operators.”

Joel believes the level of trust Jenner Ag allows customers to build with their service techs opens the door for better and stronger relationships. “Dealing directly with my customers and not having to work through a middle man has allowed me to call my customers friends. They have come to rely on my help and advice to get them through their work that needs to be done. Our communication and understanding with customers is all one-on-one, and that makes a difference in the way customers view Jenner Ag service technicians.

“We can do our jobs the way we know how, and they trust us to get the job done,” says Joel. “But, management is approachable if we need help or there is an issue. We are all on the same team, and you constantly see that. I really respect the way Jenner Ag runs. The transparency and open-book management creates more trust. We are never sidelined by some decision that comes out of the blue and affects the direction of the company. There is a sense of comfort in that,” says Joel. “Jenner Ag gives you the freedom to excel at your position, but the opportunity to constantly receive new training and ask management for help if you need it.”