Jenner Nation Hartman

Mark-isms have become part of daily communication at Jenner Ag – and after eight years, the guy behind them shows no signs of running out. Mark Hartman, sales director at Jenner Ag, operates by these strong pieces of advice and principles, and regularly shares them to help our associates build and maintain lasting relationships with not only customers but each other. First and foremost: “Everything you need to do to be successful is understand it’s all about the follow up and follow through,” says Mark. “I am always telling the sales staff that business grows as a result of the follow up.”

He goes on to explain that you can call and talk to all kinds of people to get your foot in the door, but if you make commitments to those customers and don’t follow through on those commitments, you will likely not do business with them again. “When you commit to do something for not only a customer, but fellow associates, you keep that promise. There is great importance behind doing what you say you’re going to do. That is part of what helps everyone at Jenner Ag feel like they belong to a great team,” Mark says. “I believe that principle is one of the many characteristics that sets our company apart.” 

His favorite part of the job is helping associates become more knowledgeable about the business and watching as they grow into their roles. “It gives me great satisfaction to take a look at a member of our team who two years ago was just learning the business and is now turning in orders and managing a successful territory; that’s incredible,” says Mark. “Part of what makes that possible is the opportunities we have here. Associates are offered the chance to attend trainings on business principles, financial literacy, and specialized trainings pertaining to their individual departments. Working at Jenner Ag is like receiving a college education – and getting paid for it. Management and The Great Game of Business help us offer that.”

He believes the attitude that you encounter at Jenner Ag is an accumulation of every single associate feeling the heightened level of commitment and engagement that comes with enjoying your work. “Being a member of the Jenner Nation isn’t just about doing business. It’s about doing business with a partner that cares, operates with integrity, and lives up to our promises,” says Mark.