Jenner Nation Zimmerman

When a customer’s uptime is at stake, thanks to the most complex challenges, we bring in one of our talented U-Maxx Technicians, the elite, most highly trained service techs in the Jenner Ag team. Matt Zimmerman, U-Maxx Technician, has been serving the Jenner Ag customer base proudly for 14 years. He says every day is an opportunity for him to learn something and for him to teach someone else.

“I enjoy what I do because I help people. I work with customers in the field when they are experiencing downtime and working to meet deadlines, and I collaborate with new technicians, training them on how to handle those situations. When I am working with customers in the field, I am helping them solve their problems, and that is rewarding by itself,” says Matt.

“When I am out there afterhours or early in the morning working on a machine, I try to put myself in the customer’s shoes to understand their work load or their way of thinking so I can better help them solve their problem. Relating to them helps me serve them better.”

Matt believes his training with Jenner Ag has taught him how to better relate to not only customers, but other associates as well. “We are encouraged to work as a team, whether you’re from different departments or not; we strive to work together effectively and efficiently to meet goals and give our customers the best experience possible when they choose Jenner Ag,” says Matt. “We learn to work together as one and see multiple points of view, which makes us more successful communicators.”

When Matt gets in his truck and goes to work, he reminds himself that being in the field makes him a visible part of the Jenner Nation, and he takes that responsibility seriously. “Because I directly interact with customers on an almost daily basis, I am one of the people out there directly representing Jenner Ag, and like every one of our associates, I am part of our brand. I take that seriously and always try to promote and uphold the brand.”