Jenner Nation WrightMatthew Wright, Building Maintenance & Facility Repair, is one of the faces of Jenner Nation that you can see just about everywhere. Whether he is running a part across Indiana to help a Field Service Technician, assisting the guys in the shop or fixing something, he is always giving it 100%. “The diversity of my day-to-day job is what makes me excited to come to work. On any given day I can work a variety of jobs; I’m everywhere,” said Matthew.

Working in a variety of positions might wear some people out, but not Matthew. “I’m lucky my job challenges me every day; being able to think on my feet and problem solve keeps me engaged. When you finally come up with the most effective solution, it gives you a huge sense of pride,” says Matthew. “I also enjoy helping out members of our team that are in the field. By running a part to a technician in the field, I can help a customer maximize their uptime and ensure they get the best experience possible with Jenner Ag.”

He prides himself on the work he does and the relationships he builds with fellow associates. “I want Jenner Ag to be the best it can be, so my work needs to be as pristine as possible. I put all I have in to fixing something,” says Matthew. 

Working as hard as he can and always being willing to ask for help allows Matthew to be an active member of the Jenner Nation. He believes the secret to the culture at Jenner Ag is that you are viewed as an asset and not a liability. “Most companies treat you as just another person on the payroll, but here you are valued, and that makes a world of difference in our attitudes and the way we do our jobs,” says Matthew.

“Not only does management value us, but we value each other. Anyone you ask for help is willing to help out a fellow team member. Everyone is willing to teach, and everyone is willing to learn. It makes for the best workplace culture I have been a part of.”