Jenner Nation Melissa Koehler

When you work at a company that practices transparency the way Jenner Ag does, you need someone to help communicate one of the basic building blocks of any company: the financials. Melissa Koehler is one of the many members of Jenner Nation who share their knowledge with associates, so everyone can understand and be empowered to think and act as owners.

As Corporate Controller, Melissa works closely with the financials of the company. “Coming from an accounting firm, I had a hard time at first explaining to people how to look at tax codes or work with the numbers on their own, and working at Jenner Ag, I learned how to communicate and relay my knowledge in a way other people can understand,” says Melissa.

“Jenner Ag has helped me learn how to effectively teach and share my knowledge with the associates about what the numbers mean and how they can affect those numbers every day. Associates are always eager to learn about the financials and striving to gain that knowledge to better understand the numbers.”

Knowledge sharing just is one of the ways Jenner Ag brings its associates together, Melissa says. Having different departments’ team members interact and discuss ideas on what we can do to maintain and improve the numbers is always something a company should encourage.

“It’s a culture of growth and knowledge sharing. I believe it brings out leadership in everyone. Not just the managers; it gives everyone the tools it takes to be a leader, myself included,” says Melissa.