Jenner Nation Melissa Williams

Jenner Ag takes great pride in associates who go above and beyond to really make those connections with each other and customers. Melissa Williams, Parts Specialist, is one of those associates who in her two years at the company has shown the motivation the Jenner Nation prides itself on. “Being a member of the Jenner Nation has changed everything about the way I do my job in the day to day,” says Melissa. “They educate us on various topics and skills such as: parts knowledge, business and financial knowledge, interpersonal relationship management and communications tactics. There aren’t a lot of topics Jenner Ag doesn’t cover; we are constantly being educated. It’s almost like getting a free college education.”

One extraordinary task Melissa completed in 2018 was achieving $2 million in parts sales. “Everyone at Jenner Ag has been extremely proud of me for achieving that goal. Not only  have I received recognition in meetings and pats on the back; I remember when it happened getting a giant cupcake with whipped cream and a cherry on top from another associate,” says Melissa. 

“As a Parts Sales Specialist, achieving more in parts sales is great, but it’s nothing compared to the long-lasting relationships I’m building with customers when making the sales,” says Melissa. Selling isn’t only about communication skills, she says; receiving the technical training necessary to help customers is also a must. “My $2 million in sales was made possible by a combination of things. To start with, I had to have a mixture of relationships built with customers and the latest industry knowledge to back it up.”

Melissa says that while relationships with customers are crucial, if you don’t have the industry knowledge to answer questions, you won’t make the sales. “I can be best friends with a customer, but if I don’t know what I’m talking about, no one will want to buy parts from me,” says Melissa. “The continuous training Jenner Ag offers allows associates to stay current and up to date on the latest information.”

Melissa says her success is in part due all she has learned at Jenner Ag. “Associates should take the company up on any offer of education that is given to them. Anyone who works here and isn’t thrilled to participate in meetings and take every class that you can isn’t living up to their full potential,” says Melissa. “Trust me when I say, no other company offers this to the same extent. I’ve worked at a lot of different places, and none of them came close to this. When I first started, I had to convince myself it all wasn’t too good to be true.”