Jenner Nation Kelson

“At Jenner Precision, our job is working with the latest in farming technology to help customers find solutions that fit their operations,” says Nate Kelson, Precision Ag Advisor with Jenner Precision for the past six years. Nate’s challenge is matching exceptional technology with customers’ existing equipment to give them a better bottom line. Jenner Precision’s goal is to help customers improve what they have with products that either lower their expenses or increase their income. Nate says he thrives on the challenge of trying to get somebody a higher return.

Precision ag technology is always evolving, says Nate, and it can be a full-time job to keep up with the latest and greatest advancements in this constantly changing environment. One way he stays on top of the ever-changing landscape is establishing close relationships with the vendors themselves. “Because of the strong relationships that we have with our vendors, I can spend time in the field with them and get hands-on experience understanding agriculture and the specific needs a crop has” says Nate. “These experiences allow me to be knowledgeable and give better advice to our customers.”

Another way Nate stays on top of his game is by meeting with growers face-to-face, whether that be in their shops or sitting around their tables. He has also been known to jump into cabs with customers while the product is being used in the field.

“In a cab, I get to watch the product work; I see what they are trying to do with their equipment, what they are trying to improve, and from there I can offer my opinion on what products we can put on their equipment to make the performance of the machine better,” says Nate. “After waiting a few weeks, I can then go back out and visit with them again to hear their stories on how that product is performing. At the end of the day the only way to know products are performing the way they are meant to, is to follow up with our customers.” It’s all in a typical workday, says Nate.