Jenner Nation Norville

“I’ve been working on farm equipment for 35 years, and I’m still working every day to learn more. I try to know everything there is to know about our equipment; that’s my personal goal.” Being knowledgeable is only the beginning for Terry Norville, Ag Service Manager and U-Maxx Technician with Jenner Ag. He has been working on equipment since 1984 and prides himself on wanting to know everything he can when going into the field to help a customer with any problems they might encounter.

“My favorite part of my job is working with the equipment and being out and interacting with our customers. Being able to resolve any issue for them is rewarding,” he says, adding that even though he’s the face a customer sees in the field, he’s just one part of the team that makes it happen. Being a member of the Jenner Nation doesn’t just mean having to problem solve on your own. “Whenever you need assistance or help, there is always someone on your team you can work with to find a solution,” says Terry.

He believes the reason associates have that open line of communication with one another is due to management. “Jenner Ag at its core is a great company, working together. We have all three locations, Precision, Application and Agriculture, all working together to help customers throughout the whole season,” says Terry. “We used to have just the one location in Harristown, but we have expanded our expertise to be able to provide more services to our customers. We want to be able to help the customer through planting, growing and harvesting. We do this by assisting them with their parts, service and equipment all throughout the year – trying to meet any and all needs they might have.”

Terry says the goal as a company is to have all UPTIME and no downtime, and Jenner Nation means coming together to provide that for customers. That commitment doesn’t just stop at service; it extends to improving every day. “We pride ourselves on fixing problems in the field on first time visits,” says Terry. “One of the ways we do this is sending out surveys asking customers about what our technicians can improve on. Once we get their feedback, we really take that input to heart. I care about what our customers are saying and how they are rating our team. I want the customers to help us be the best we can be for them.”