JennerNation ConawayTim Conaway has been building anhydrous and liquid toolbars for four years as Shop Foreman at the Jenner Precision location, and to this day he is still amazed by the amount of information he encounters daily.

“We are constantly learning new things and sharing information that will make life better for our customers, by making us more knowledgeable and efficient at our jobs,” says Tim. “I’ve been building these anhydrous and liquid bars for years, and in 30 minutes at one of our sales meetings, I’ve learned more about the product I’m building than I have in all the years I’ve been putting it together.”

He jokes that there is so much knowledge available in everyday conversations within the company that everyone should be writing everything they hear down. “Just in random conversation, you can pick up little bits of information that will become valuable at some point in time. It may be six months down the road, but it will happen,” says Tim.

Being in one of the three locations Jenner Ag has allows him to have perspective on how well management communicates with each location. “There is more face-to-face interaction here than at other companies. Not only do you receive the standard emails, phone calls and text messages; management stops in and just asks you, ‘Hey what’s going on?’ If anything happens, instead of just sending an email, they show up and have a conversation with you. I think that opens doors for information sharing between locations that you don’t see many places,” says Tim.

Tim recalls knowing even in his interview how important learning and communication is at Jenner Ag. “My biggest takeaway during my first encounter with Jenner Ag was being told that the possibilities for personal and professional growth here are limitless,” he says. “That growth is largely possible because everybody is willing to learn something new; nobody comes to work with the attitude ‘I know everything.’ We realize that we can learn from one another, and we share information to better ourselves.”