Jenner Nation Weston Stork

Weston Stork, Field Service Technician, is a proud five-year member of Jenner Nation at our Jenner Precision location. “We have a great environment here at Jenner Ag; whenever a new employee starts, they talk about how their old bosses or fellow employees could be aggressive and hard to get along with. You just don’t hear of that happening here; all the managers encourage us to communicate with them and each other,” says Weston.

With Jenner Ag having three separate locations covering different aspects of the industry, it’s important to stay connected. “Just last week I worked with a fellow employee located out of our Harristown office. We were working on a sprayer that was running both application and precision equipment; without both of us there offering our specific expertise, it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly,” he says.

“Jenner Ag encourages all of us to meet our full potential, both individually and as a unit. Since my employment at Jenner Ag began, I have been encouraged to step outside of my shell. I have been told that just because I have a certain job title doesn’t mean that particular skillset is all I can offer the company,” Weston says.  

He adds that one aspect of Jenner Ag that allows all three locations to run as a cohesive team is the fact that Jenner Ag plays the Great Game of Business (GGOB). “Other companies in the agriculture industry don’t play the GGOB; that is one of the things that sets us apart,” he says. “The Game brings a level of transparency that creates an open flow of information. We see the financials of the company; we know what upper management is doing with income. It creates an accountability, but it also creates a bond.” A bond that Weston says helps every member of that team work together as one.