Guidance & Steering

The path to higher yields, more efficiency and better profitability starts with Jenner Ag's carefully selected range of steering and guidance products, from the most complex advanced GPS units to mechanical autosteer options.

Precise GPS positioning with RTK accuracy through a growing network of more than 120 bases throughout Illinois - for locations call Jenner Ag.


Ag Leader's industry-leading assortment of guidance systems puts unrelenting focus on decreasing operator fatigue and inputs while increasing yields and accuracy. As an elite Blue Delta dealer, Jenner Ag is uniquely positioned to help find the right technology for any farm.

  • SteerCommand - integrated steering solution
  • OnTrac3 - assisted steering with no hydraulics
  • GPS 6500 - fully scalable smart antenna


Stay on track with sub-inch accuracy thanks to Raven's full line of precision guidance and steering systems, built to enhance the bottom line.

  • Cruizer II - affordable, powerful guidance
  • SmarTrax - assisted steering at higher speeds
  • SmarTrax MD - transfer steering between vehicles


Truesight 2 from Headsight delivers accurate, autosteering for corn harvesting by utilizing mechanical wands to sense the rows, integrating with existing steering to guide the combine.

  • Not tied to GPS
  • Install on any combine
  • Improves feeding

For more information call 815-692-6655 or your local Jenner Precision dealer.