Planting Solutions

From row by row control on planters to 10 mph high speed planting with no slack in accuracy, find the precision technology to answer the call at Jenner Ag.


As an elite Blue Delta dealer for Ag Leader products, we're bringing you leading-edge precision products with the potential for maximum impact on your bottom line. Put complete control from one display, reduced seed trench compaction and sub-inch accuracy to work on the farm.

  • InCommand - total control of your entire operation
  • Seed Command - complete planter monitoring
  • Hydraulic Down Force System - adjust down force instantly
  • AgFiniti Mobile - take precision maps & data on the go
  • SureDrive electric drives - precise control of planter meter performance



Jenner Ag is proud to be a Premier Dealer of Precision Planting products, revolutionary agriculture technology that delivers better seed spacing, better depth control and better root systems. Choose from mechanical products plus monitors and control systems, including the revolutionary vDrive for row-by-row control and SpeedTube for unbeatable accuracy in high-speed planting.

  • Conceal - optimized nitrogen placement
  • vDrive Insecticide - chain-free insecticide
  • SmartFirmer - in-furrow soil sensing
  • mSet - one meter multi-hybrid
  • FurrowJet - ideal starter placement
  • vApplyHD - liquid measurement & control
  • vSet - superior singulation + multi-hybrid planting potential
  • vDrive - a custom planter on each row
  • SpeedTube - plant 2X faster
  • DeltaForce - individual row control for an average 11 BPA advantage


*Purchase of DeltaForce, SpeedTube, and vDrive are required for the $200 per row rebate. Purchase of 2 of these 3 products is required for the $150 per row rebate. Purchase of 1 of these 3 products is required for the $50 per row rebate. Purchase of Gen3 20|20 required for $1000 off rebate. There is a minimum row purchase required of 6 rows to receive the rebates. Make The Precision Decision rebate program offi cially ends 9/30/20. See additional terms and conditions at Products must be registered within 30 days of purchase to receive rebate. 20|20®, DeltaForce®, SpeedTube®, vDrive®, and Precision Planting® are registered trademarks of Precision Planting LLC ©2020 Precision Planting LLC.


Yetter provides profitable solutions for production agriculture - and we'll help you find the right choice for your farm:

  • 1200 LidLift Planter Box Lifter
  • 6200 Twisted Poly Spike Closing Wheel


Looking to increase your productivity in the field, save your back and lungs or get the ability to try liquid fertilizer and insecticide in your planting program? Raven Industries and Syngenta partnered to provide a proven application method for Force CS, the liquid version of Force 3G, with any planter configuration. Their Injection Cabinet is a completely contained unit that includes a Raven injection pump, electronics and a shelf unit for four 23 lb boxes of Force CS. The product will cover 160 acres at full label rate.


The GX4 liquid management system from AgXcel provides effective, simple liquid planter control for any system. This fertilizer management center integrates seamlessly with all major OEM controllers, delivering:

  • Variable rate control
  • Swath control
  • Automatic rate control



Plant smarter, easier and better with Ag Focus products on your equipment:

  • Planter Pro handles the toughest residue and smooths out the row unit ride.
  • FastTRAC press wheel puts seeds and soil together better for more productive plants.


For more information call 815-692-6655 or contact your Jenner Precision dealer.